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Arete Academy is a twice weekly homeschool enrichment program that provides a truly classical education, meaningful socialization, and academic accountability.  Students attend the academy twice weekly and complete additional assignments at home.  Class sizes are small. Lessons are incremental and focus on mastery of content.  Classrooms are teacher-led, quiet, and orderly.  We strive to impart wisdom and virtue to students while passing on our cultural and literary heritage.


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Our Curriculum

Latin and greek

More than half of all English vocabulary comes from Latin and another 20 percent from Greek.  These words are often three to five syllables in length - "SAT" words.  Knowledge of classical languages will increase the student’s English vocabulary tremendously.  Classical languages also inform a deep understanding of English grammar and the civilizations from which our literary heritage is derived.

literature and composition

Literature and poetry are foundational to a liberal arts education. Students who grow to love and understand quality literature will never be satisfied with inferior books.  We begin with beautifully written and illustrated children's stories and nursery rhymes in the earliest grades and build on the love of literature each year.  Students study the great works of the classical world, the plays of Shakespeare, and time-honored masterworks that form the very fabric of our culture.


Math is a language that forms the mind of the student to accuracy and logical thinking.  The study of mathematics begins with early number concepts and mastery of math facts, the four operations, and other elementary math skills.  Over learning in the early math education, allows students to enjoy and succeed in the application of advanced mathematics in middle and high school and beyond.


The classical approach to science begins with discovering, understanding and classifying the natural world.  This content rich, mastery approach to subjects like astronomy, insects, birds, trees, and mammals illustrates the beauty and order inherent in the natural world.  In middle school, students participate in a narrative study of the development of the various branches of scientific study (chemistry, biology, physics).  In high school, students are well prepared to tackle traditional lab science courses.

Music and fine arts

Music and Art are at the core of our cultural heritage.  Through a classical study of both, students grow to recognize, appreciate and love the Good, Beautiful, and True.  Beginning in the earliest grades students become familiar with the master works of classical art and music.  Students in grades three and above study music and art appreciation, theory, and history.

history and classical studies

Students study Greek mythology and Greek and Roman history and literature every year, gradually deepening their knowledge and understanding. This thorough grounding prepares students to read the classics of Greek, Roman, and English literature, and to study and understand the modern world.  American and modern history are taught from living books in an exciting and meaningful way.  A systematic approach to world geography allows the student to grasp the world as it is organized today.


The object of education is to teach us to love what is beautiful.
— Plato


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